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Fitkit Fitness Accessories » Fitkit FK97607 Toning Tube with Handle, Adult (Black)

Product Name : Fitkit FK97607 Toning Tube with Handle, Adult (Black)

Product Code : FK97607

Color Available : Black

Description :
Fitkit Toning Tubes with Handle are made from high quality natural rubber latex perfect for upper & lower body exercises, conditioning & rehabilitation and are a great alternative to free weights & dumbbells. They are made of durable material for a smooth, consistent stretch. It features cushioned foam handles for a comfortable grip which makes it easy to use for a variety of upper & lower body workouts. Benefits of Fitkit Toning Tube with Handle ✔ Incredibly Cost-Effective ✔ Targets specific muscle groups through full range of motion ✔ Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels ✔ Alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment ✔ Helps tone legs, arms and chest while on the go ✔ Great for gym, home, travel, and office use ✔Fitness Goal: Increase Cardio, Strengthen Core, Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Enhance Flexibility, Tighten & Tone